Chee Keng Fun 朱敬芬

Chee Keng Fun has been the lead hua dan as well as artistic director of Tung On Wui Koon's opera group for many years. She started learning opera when she was seven years old, under a well-known and respected Singapore artiste, Chee Lai Hong. Her first major performance was "The Patriotic Princess" when she was only in her late teens. Throughout the years she has performed various roles in numerous operas. In 1999 she played the omnipotent Empress Dowager in the opera "Emperor Kong Zui & his concubine Zhen Fei". She has also been teaching and grooming the younger generation in her opera classes.

She left Tung On in 2008 and set up a new troupe, OperaWorks (Singapore). She is the troupe’s chairman cum artistic director. In that year they presented an opera show to raise fund for the Buddhist Fee Clinic. The show included well-known Hong Kong and China artistes Luo Jia Ying, Nan Feng, Mai Jia and Zeng Hui.

Their fund-raising show in 2008