Christopher Choo 朱振邦

Chris is a pioneer graduate from the Lasalle-SIA College of the Arts where he majored in directing. He can perform and direct both English and Chinese contemporary dramas as well as Chinese opera.

His love with Chinese operas started when he was young. His idol was the late Cantonese maestro Leng Chi Bak. His opportunity to see and learn from Leng came in the seventies when Leng came with his troupe to perform in Singapore and Malaya. A chance meeting between them sealed their fate as teacher and disciple. Leng was moved by his earnestness and took him in as his disciple. Since then Chris had been going to Hong Kong annually to pay respect to his teacher and to learn from him.

Unfortunately, Leng passed away in 1992, at the age of 89. In 1997, Chris staged a show entitled "Inspiration and Aspiration of Christopher Choo" which consisted of three opera exerpts to commemorate Leng's 70- year acting career in Cantonese operas.

Chris specializes in the elderly role (lao sheng) as well as comical role (chou sheng).

Christopher with his mentor Leng Chi Bak.

Christopher as Justice Bao