Gary Kong Yew Cheong 龔耀祥

Gary Kong is among the first batch of artistes nurtured by Joanna Wong and Lou Mee Wah of the Chinese Theatre Circle. He is highly commended for his acting and singing skills.

During these 25 years he has traveled extensively with his troupes to perform overseas. Apart from numerous opera excerpts, he has performed lead roles in several full-length operas such as War and Romance, High Command, Errors at Hua Tian, The Yang Family, The Patriotic Princess, The Princess and the Thief .....

In August 2002, Gary and a few other opera enthusiasts set up the Chinese Cultural Arts Centre with the aim of promoting Chinese opera. The CCAC also conducts course in opera skills and singing.

In 2006 Gary commemorated his 25 years in Cantonese opera

Gary with Zeng Yin Ling

Recognize these two artistes standing with Gary? ..... They are Yuen Siu Fai (left) and Leung Yew Onn (right).