Chik Chiu Kuarn 戚超群

Chiu Kuarn with the Shenzhen Opera Troupe

At the age of 15 she received training in Cantonese opera at a well-known drama school in Guangdong. She was a top student in the school. After her graduation she has been performing with a few opera troupes in the Guangdong province. She was the lead huadan in the Wu Chuan Cantonese Opera Troupe. She has also received several prestigious awards for her singing and opera skills.

performing with Gary Kong

In 1996 she migrated to Singapore and has performed opera excerpts and full-length opera with several local artistes. She is much appreciated by Singapore Cantonese opera fans. At present she is the opera instructor with the Hong Lim CC and The Frontier CC Cantonese opera groups as well as Guangdong Association’s opera group.

With Wan Yook Yu at Kreta Ayer People's Theatre

From left: Chung Lai Yong, Chik Chiu Kuarn, Fung Kong Ngai, Ng Li Li