Choy Yien Chow 徐應就

Information and pictures are taken from Choy Brothers' website.

Choy Yien Chow is the founder of Choy Brothers’ Chinese Opera Troupe. The multi-talented Mr. Choy not only performs, instructs, choreographs and directs opera performances, but is also a qualified martial arts instructor.

He specializes in the warrior role. He had learnt opera singing from renowned opera artistes, namely Liu Fushan of Beijing opera, Xiao Didi of Cantonese opera and Chen Xiaohan of Cantonese opera. His martial arts teachers include the well know Ren Daxun of Hong Kong.

Since 1967, Mr. Choy has groomed many local performers in opera singing, opera performance and martial arts. As the artistic director, Mr. Choy directs all the performances, of which "The Precious Lantern", "Madam White Snake", "Monkeys King", Blocking the Horse" and "At the Crossroad" were most memorable and well received by the audience.

In 1990, the Singapore Federation of Chinese Clan Association invited Mr. Choy to choreograph and direct a Chinese opera entitled "The Drum of Amazon Liang Hong Yu" as part of 25th National day celebrations. This opera was a joint presentation by thirteen societies and involved a cast of 150. The performance was a success and received a standing ovation from the audience.

Mr. Choy was invited by Theater Work, a professional English drama company, to be the Technical Adviser for their well -known drama "Lao Jui". The drama was a huge success and was selected to participate in the Perth Arts Festival.

Choy Yien Chow in a warrior role.